• Fannypack

  • $220.00

  • Clare V.'s classic Fannypack is a stylish hands-free way to carry all your essentials, ideal for travel or a striking accent to your favorite pair of jeans. Made of luxe Italian leather, this bum bag features a 14k gold plated medallion, and 7-hole sizeable belt that can be worn low-slung or on your hips, this is luxurious convenience.   

    Dimensions 9” x 6.5”
    Adjustable Belt
    Style #CF10001
  • Silver-Peltro-Fannypack
  • Yellow-Gold-Fannypack
  • Washed-Denim-Fannypack
  • Jean-Stories-Fannypack
  • Natural-Perforated-Fannypack
  • Jaguar-Printed-Nubuck-Fannypack
  • Black-Fannypack


Silver-Peltro-Fannypack Yellow-Gold-Fannypack Washed-Denim-Fannypack Natural-Canvas-Tennis-Print-Fannypack Jean-Stories-Fannypack Natural-Perforated-Fannypack Creme-Perforated-Fannypack Black-Perforated-Fannypack Jaguar-Printed-Nubuck-Fannypack Black-Fannypack Navy-Quilted-Fannypack Detail Detail British-Tan-Fannypack