• iPad Sleeve

  • $110.00

  • The CV iPad Sleeve fits your device like a glove. Lined with soft suede for screen protection, this iPad case provides lightweight structure and beauty to your electronics. This case also features a thumbprint indentation for easy access.

    Dimensions:8.5" x 9.75"
    Thumbprint indentation for easy access
    Style #AC10001

    Monogramming is available for $50. We are unable to monogram the Croco options. Please email info@clarev.com or call (213)483-2247 once you have placed your order. 
  • Undyed-NavyWhite-Stripes-Ipad
  • Black-BlueRed-Stripes-Ipad
  • Black-Croco-Ipad
  • Taupe-Croco-Ipad
  • Silver-Ipad
  • Gold-Ipad


Undyed-NavyWhite-Stripes-Ipad Black-BlueRed-Stripes-Ipad Navy-Ipad Black-Croco-Ipad Taupe-Croco-Ipad Silver-Ipad Gold-Ipad Detail Detail Green-Navy-Stripe-Ipad