• Tassel

  • $45.00

  • The CV Tassel needs no introduction! Made of the same artisanal leathers as some of our most popular bags, the Tassel is the perfect companion to any clutch, tote or set of keys. The tassel comes two ways: hook or ring. A monogrammable brown leather disc is available to make this your very own. 

    Length: 4"
    Nickel Keyring
    Style #AC10011
    Brass Hook
    Style  #AC10012

    Monogramming is available for an additional $20.

  • Red-Saffiano-Hook-Tassel
  • Yellow-Gold-Hook-Tassel
  • Black-Hook-Tassel
  • Creme-Hook-Tassel
  • Argento-Hook-Tassel
  • Red-Saffiano-Ring-Tassel
  • Yellow-Gold-Ring-Tassel
  • Black-Ring-Tassel
  • Creme-Ring-Tassel
  • Argento-Ring-Tassel
  • Fuschia-Ring-Tassel
  • Fuschia-Hook-Tassel
  • none
  • Gold
  • none
  • Short


Red-Saffiano-Hook-Tassel Navy-Saffiano-Hook-Tassel Yellow-Gold-Hook-Tassel Black-Hook-Tassel Navy-Hook-Tassel Creme-Hook-Tassel Argento-Hook-Tassel Red-Saffiano-Ring-Tassel Navy-Saffiano-Ring-Tassel Yellow-Gold-Ring-Tassel Black-Ring-Tassel Navy-Ring-Tassel Creme-Ring-Tassel Argento-Ring-Tassel Cobalt-Hook-Tassel Silver-Hook-Tassel White-Ring-Tassel Fuschia-Hook-Tassel Fuschia-Ring-Tassel Detail Detail Detail