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Made in L.A., the CV Way

When Clare started her line in 2008, she began making her bags locally in Los Angeles, because it was familiar with—and all that was available to her.

As the line began to grow out of her home on the eastside of L.A., and she began adding new styles, leathers and needs, she began working with different factories throughout the L.A. area.

She recently took a factory tour to visit with some of the people whose hands are responsible for crafting the CV line, from start to finish. They work meticulously with our (mostly) Italian leathers to craft the collection each season, bringing the design room's vision to life.

The attention to detail is something that we've never wavered on. Being able to visit the factories daily, and touch and feel the bags and designs throughout the process is something that sets our brand apart, and why being locally made remains a core value to us.

The hand detailing being applied to a Blue Dapple fanny. 

Applying the stitching that sets a lot of our leathers apart, the faintest threads that you can see on the handles of our Trop, the belt of our Fanny or even the edges of our Clutches.

What's made the entire process that much more gratifying, and a reason we continue to keep production local even when it hasn't been easy, is because of all of the people who we've been able to support in the manufacturing community. Clare always speaks to just how rewarding it is to not just work with some of the same factories we've worked with since the beginning, but have the ability to interact with the men and women who are responsible for crafting our bags and who we're proud to bring work to at a local level every single day. 

Stay tuned for more exciting Made in L.A. news and thanks for your support of our local manufacturing.

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