CV x Linus Bike

It’s Le Clare V. x Linus Bike! We worked with the fellow LA brand to create a colorful, one-of-a-kind CV bike. These bikes are going to cruise... quantities are très, très limited!

“As another LA brand, we’ve always felt a strong affinity for Clare V. She’s french, we’re francophiles, and we particularly admire Clare’s use of color and how she achieves high design, but with humor and a bit of carefree California attitude.”

–Adam McDermott, Founder of Linus Bike

“This collaboration with Linus Bikes has been a dream because I’ve always admired Linus’s chic bikes, and they’re an LA company as well! The bright and cheery, Clare V. green, red, and blue bikes are perfect for a quick ride to take a break and get some air during a busy workday, and we’re super lucky to have a La Colombe cafe about a 5 minute ride down the path.”

–Clare Vivier