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Clare V. is looking for a Director of Marketing to help drive the company’s top line sales growth and increase global brand awareness.   

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Develops ROI-driven marketing campaigns across channels
  • Creates and manages the marketing calendar, including email campaigns, social media content, and events. Works with cross functional partners to ensure campaigns align with product availability.
  • Creates strategies for growing brand awareness across and within customer segments, as well as in geographic regions where we have opportunity
  • Creates and manages the monthly, quarterly, and annual marketing and advertising budget in partnership with the President
  • Measures the return on current marketing investments and reallocates budget based on ROI 
  • Develops creative, consistent marketing messaging across all distribution channels. Ensures content aligns with brand image
  • Manages customer insight research and identifies customer segments; creates targeted email campaigns and offers for these segments
  • Manages A/B testing of email campaigns and flows and reviews performance with web and graphic design team to glean insights and improve content strategy
  • Partners with our top Wholesale accounts to ensure we're actively supporting sell through's. Evaluates various advertising and promotional opportunities with each partner and incorporates into overall monthly, quarterly and annual budgets.
  • Manages our digital advertising agency in allocating ad spend and tracking returns by ad type. Manages FB and Instagram ad consultant in creating ad concepts and setting budgets
  • Creates new strategies for growing our email list with qualified prospects and customers
  • Partners with Director of Ecommerce to create new website content strategy and campaigns to increase customer LTV
  • Oversees the creation of catalog and direct mail campaigns, from concept to delivery
  • Stays abreast of the latest digital marketing and advertising tools and technology. Identifies which tools Clare V. should test and incorporate into its digital marketing strategy based on potential ROI
  • Works with PR firm and Brand Partnerships Lead to identify top collaboration partners and generate collaboration concepts and proposals
  • Manages Social Media and Events Coordinator to create strategies for growing our Social Media following as well as ensure pages on Linked in and FB are updated regularly
  • Responsible for the growth and performance of the company’s Ambassador program; ensures Ambassadors are aligned with brand and identifies new potential ambassadors to increase reach to target audience


  • 5-7 years’ experience in a marketing management role
  • Strong digital marketing experience
  • Excellence in written and verbal communication
  • Strong cross functional, team player
All qualified applicants should submit their resume and cover letter to