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Introducing Clare V. x Parachute

When I was first approached by Parachute about doing a collaboration for the holidays, I loved the idea of pairing with another female entrepreneur, who had built her business locally out of Los Angeles. She took an international concept of Italian bedding and kept it local, which I loved, and which I've strived to do with my own line. I've been a fan of Parachute for some time, and so I love what we've come up with. This cute travel kit is made in CV signature colors, has a hand-stitched touch, and we think it's just about the perfect gift you can give over the holidays. Mine's coming with me on all my upcoming trips. I spoke with their founder, Ariel about her line, and why it's such a great fit. xcv Ariel_Kaye_2 Q: How did you first conceive of the idea to start Parachute? A: Parachute was partially inspired by my travels in Italy, but also from my own terrible experience buying bedding. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, and our sleep experience impacts every aspect of our lives – yet the process of buying sheets is confusing and frustrating. I knew it could be done better. Q: How is Parachute different? A: Our bedding is made of 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton, combed to remove all impurities and dyed naturally using a process that exceeds safety and environmental protection standards. The quality is second to none. The ease of purchase is also a strong point of differentiation. We provide helpful tips and educational content so you feel confident making your bedding selection. Plus we offer a 30 night trial, free shipping and returns. We want to make sure that your experience is best in class, from start to finish. Finally, our partnership with Nothing But Nets also defines our business. Every 60 seconds a child dies from malaria; Parachute helps provide safe sleep to families in Africa by sending one life-saving bed net to those in need with every Venice Set purchased. We are proud to be a business that is dedicated to providing great sleep to our customers and safe sleep to those in need. Q: What was your original intention in starting the brand? A: I imagined Parachute as a way to deliver premium quality bedding at an accessible price through a direct-to-consumer model. We put an end to confusing marketing gimmicks like thread count and created new options – such as bundles without a top sheet – that never previously existed. I saw an opportunity in the home category – one that is very traditional and hasn’t evolved in years – to establish a brand that made sense for today’s modern shopper. Beyond creating a product that enhances the sleep experience, I wanted Parachute to be known for its commitment to health and wellness, too. Q: How has being a female entrepreneur helped you build the business? A: I think I’ve faced the same challenges as any entrepreneur getting their business off the ground: pitching, securing funding, hiring the right team, etc. I’ve been fortunate to partner with a unique mix of advisors and investors. Each brings valuable insight and feedback based on their experiences, all of which has helped Parachute grow and appeal to both men and women, young and old. Q: Like Clare V., Parachute has found its home in LA. How important has that been to the business? A: I think the people are the most amazing thing about LA – besides the weather obviously! There is a tech/start-up community here with a ton of mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs who are very open and accessible. I frequently hear people say, ‘Any company that does well is a win for LA.’ I can email a question to a friend and immediately get connected to five people willing to talk, brainstorm and offer their support or assistance in any way. That's something for which I am grateful and happy to reciprocate. In addition to being good for business, I find our location to be tremendously influential to our designs. The simple, effortless beauty of Venice Beach and its relaxed, laid back vibe inspire my approach to work, our natural color palette and products. Venice also celebrates health and wellness in a way that I appreciate. We have many yoga studios, fitness centers and juice bars within riding distance of our headquarters. I view sleep and comfort as a critical part of health and wellness, and I love that our brand provides a product that enhances the sleep experience and upholds the values of the surrounding community. Q: Why did you want to collaborate on this? A: I’m thrilled that our first product collaboration is with Clare V. First and foremost, I've been a longtime fan – and rarely leave the house without one of my many envelope clutches in tow. Secondly, I think that Parachute and Clare V. share similar fundamentals: modern style, exceptional quality, timeless appeal. It’s a collaboration that’s both beautiful and makes sense. Q: What do you love most about the co-branded travel kit? A: It's the perfect travel companion: It fits in a carry-on and it exudes a classic, sporty look ideally suited for travel in the air or on the road. Q: Where do you anticipate bringing it this holiday season? A: I have several trips planned in the next few months, and the Travel Kit will be accompanying me on each excursion! I’ve got weekend jaunts to Ojai and Joshua Tree planned with friends, and I’ll be celebrating the new year in one of my favorite getaway destinations, Tulum.
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