Personalize your Clare V. with MONOGRAMMING
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Most Clare V. items can be monogrammed (*See note below for a list of styles and materials that cannot be monogrammed).

The cost for monogramming is $50 per item. There are three options for gold lettering (tall & skinny, small & square or petit) . Monograms should be limited to 2 or 3 characters. Full names & custom phrases are available for certain styles for $75. 

To get an idea of what your bag will look like monogrammed, see the “details” photos at the bottom of your chosen bag’s product page.

Most bags can be monogrammed in only one spot—generally in the middle of the bag at the top. If a bag has more than one option for monogramming, there will be a photo of each option in the "details" photo section of that bag's product page.

To order your monogram, first purchase your bag online and then contact us via email at or by phone at 213.483.2247. To inquire about monogramming a previous purchase or for a special monogramming request, please contact us through either of the above methods.

All monogrammed items are final sale.

*As many textured surfaces do not accept or retain monograms, we do not offer monograms on the following materials: denim/chambray, pebble, basketweave, quilted, rattan, hair, alligo, and canvas. The following items cannot be monogrammed due to their shape, construction or materials: Kenya Petit, Franc, Pierre.