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Fanny Mania

I wrote about our Fanny Packs (bum bag for you Brits) a while back - back when we were selling the Spring Summer line - and  we are so excited because they're now in studio and in store.
They came in yesterday and I made Greta put them on for an impromptu photo shoot - we were dying over how cute each one looked.
The whole fanny pack idea started for us because of one I got from my Parisian sister-in-law. She had a vintage red leather one by an old French label, and she took it off her waist and gave it to me one day when I complimented her on it. (Mental note: always be generous.) I've loved it ever since, but we knew we could update it a little.
Greta cannot decide which one she's getting: red.
Or jaguar.
I got the blue and am wearing it now.
But green with a little summer dress will be sooo cute.
Ultimate-undeniably-best-Coachella bag: Krystle, here at the studio, is getting white. She's braving that sweltering, desert music dust bowl cluster, and I feel better knowing that she'll have this strapped to her waist.
Speaking of white bags for hot times. I think this white cartable will be my work bag of choice this summer.
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