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CV: 3 Cities in 3 Days

Busy week! We've moved studios and finally have room to breathe - we were literally being engulfed by bags at our old place. (To give you an idea - a friend visited the studio a week before the move and said it looked like a tsunami had washed through our quarters. Nice.) I will post pics of our new space asap, but until then I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the fun things we're up to in 3 different cities over the next couple of days.
We are so excited to be headed to Steven Alan's Fillmore shop tonight! This marks the first stop in our monogramming tour that continues throughout summer - we're heading to Connecticut, New York City, Sunset Beach and maybe even Hawaii!! We'll keep you posted. Did I mention Walker's services are free with purchase tonight? Complimentary monogram with purchase of CV bag! Rad.
Then tomorrow: NEW YORK
This is the second trunk show we've done with BG* and I can't describe how thrilled I am about this.
I mean, being a die-hard fashion junkie from a very young age, scattering my ashes at Bergdorfs would be perfectly fine by me.
 Then Saturday and Sunday: LOS ANGELES
This is our 'hood and these are our peeps so we're thrilled to be again taking part in this growing social market - The Echo Park Craft Fair*! Amazing group of wildly talented people sell their wares at this bi-annual event, you can literally buy everything you would ever need.
*Please note: not a monogramming event, but full of gift solutions for any mama in your life - or you. :)
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