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Fun With Jean STORIES & More...

I first met Jane Herman when she came to visit me in my studio for a feature on her new site with Florence Kane, Jean STORIES.  I'm a sucker for good jeans, so I loved that they were creating an entire site dedicated to denim. The former Vogue staffers (and now contributors) are NY-based but came to the CV studio to hear more about the my favorite pair (currently my Acne "Flex") and the denim I've been using in my collection.


The denim duffle is always a big hit and the flat clutches in denim are a fun update to the bestseller. Right now the backgammon set is looking good as a holiday gift too.


They caught me in my office working with different fabric swatches and getting a head start on the next collection.


And they snapped my mood board that's filled with all of the things that are currently inspiring me. There are special notes from editors that I cherish, some French phrases and iconic images that I never tire of looking at.


This is such a cute shot. The day she was here, five ladies in the CV headquarters were all spotted wearing different types of denim -- and in such stylish ways. From Mandy's shorts to Lizzie's high-waisted white pair, jeans are always a staple in this office.


In other exciting news to report: I found out last week that the Clare Vivier flagship in Silverlake is going to be included in the new Louis Vuitton Los Angeles City Guide. I'm blushing at the honor -- I mean, it's Louis Vuitton!


What a week it's been. Get a head start on your holiday shopping with some of my favorites with the new Clare's Picks that we're featuring right now. Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!

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