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At The Store with Rachel

You may be coming by the CV flagship in Silverlake for the bags, but I'm always inspired by our shopgirls' style. I have to admit - they're all so darn cute :) This week I wanted to do a post on Rachel,  who works in the store, and who is always adorably dressed in her signature high-waist jeans.  I always love stopping by to see what she's wearing - and how she styles her CV. Image
Q: What CV bag are you wearing now?
A: The store's 1-year anniversary tote - I just can't retire it.
Q: Which bag are you most looking forward to for Spring?
A: The Kenya and the Julie, they're looking so good for Spring.
Q: What are you wearing today and how'd you style it?
A: It is simple and I feel comfortable in it, for me that's half the battle with style. I always want to wear something where I don't think I will look back and cringe.
Q: What's your favorite part about working in the store?
A: I really enjoy talking to customers that come in, they are so excited about CV. A lot of the time they have been coveting a specific bag for a long time, so it's fun to be a part of that. I really have met lovely people here. 
Q: What's your favorite place to eat in Silverlake?
A: Sqirl or L&E Oyster Bar.
Q: Any Silverlake recommendations for someone who's new to the area?
A: I would tell them to just walk, there are so many random gems that you'll miss by driving.
Q: What can you be found doing in Silverlake when you're not working at the store?
A: Most likely walking/running the reservoir with my dog or at the army supply store - I'm keen on their wool pants when I can track them down.

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