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A Quick Trip to NYC

This week I had to take a super quick trip to NY - in and out in just over 24 hours! There were a few exciting meetings to be had, fashion shows to see, and a super swank party with some lovelies at Conde Nast to attend. How could I resist? Alexis asked me to document my day in photos while I was there so that I could share. Voila - a day in the life! unnamed I arrived super late to the hotel so in the a.m., I had to get everything organized and my schedule set for a jam-packed day. My large herringbone duff and my iPad mini clutch would be my daily companions. I love my monogrammed mini clutch, it's just gotten better with age, I tied a grosgrain ribbon to the zipper pull which I love and will do on some bags for the collection soon. unnamed-1 Just a few blocks from our store in Nolita, I walked by this beautiful mural that Maya Hayuk was in the middle of executing on Bowery and Houston. We stopped and watched her and her two assistants for a little while. How beautiful are those colors? I just love the way they look set against the Polar Vortex slush. unnamed-2 That afternoon, I went to the Tome fashion show. I've loved watching what the designers create each season - and this show was no exception. I was enchanted by the oversized coats, silk dresses and camel and red color combination. unnamed-4 Next up was Marissa Webb, who always gets it right. I had the perfect view of the models coming down the runway from my seat. This red was the perfect shade. I want these trousers. unnamed I admired this woman's answer to a regular winter coat at the Tome show, the quilted Japanese coat belted was different and chic. Then after the show, I spied her as she walked past me and was so excited, she was carrying a CV foldover clutch! I pulled a CV geek move and introduced myself and asked if I could photograph her. She agreed to have her picture taken and said she was a big CV fan! So nice. ctnyc1 And the pièce de résistance of the trip was the Conde Nast party, hosted by Anna Wintour and Christy Turlington. It was to toast Pilar Guzman, the new Editor in Chief of Conde Nast Traveler and they had an amazing turnout - just look at the always glowing Christy Turlington next to super talented photographer Ines van Lamsweerde. Pilar emailed and told me she carries her CV clutch with her everywhere and it was the perfect bag for vacation as you can use inside your beach bag then pull it out for dinner at night. They purchased 150 oversize clutches to put the magazine in and give away as goodie bags, it was awesome!
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