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Clare V. Studio Style: Jen Le

image image image Jen is the master of allocation and numbers at CV. She monitors sales trends, factory capacities, and receiving. Without a doubt she has the best hair in the studio. Her perfect big wave curls make us all want to step up our hair game. How would you describe your personal style? My style is very simple and feminine. I dress for comfort and ease. Monochrome rules.
Where did you get the items you are wearing from? Tell us about your hair. I am obsessed with my black pelli Sac Brettelle. It goes with everything and I love that it has two pouches so I can divide things up! My dress is from Madewell, shoes are by Rachel Comey, and the sweater is Gap. I use a curling iron on big sections of my hair on low heat so that the curls fall out and make the wave bigger.
Does your job affect what you wear everyday? Not at all! I am seated for most of the day so I can where whatever I please. The higher the heel the better.What bag from the spring line are you coveting? The periwinkle Weekender is calling my name
If you could live any other city what would it be? Can Tho Vietnam
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