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Clare V. Studio Style: Natalia Cuevas

Natalia is the production coordinator for Clare V. She manages all the raw materials and orders everything we need to make all these pretty little thangs :) She is the best dog mama around and has the most infectious smile. Check out Natalia’s style below!
How would you describe your personal style? I love color & prints! I’m inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. I try to incorporate sporty pieces but always make sure to add in feminine touches.
Where did you get the items you are wearing from? Tell us about your tattoos.The blazer is by Elizabeth & James, the jeans are J Brand, the boots are Zara, the scarf was a gift from my lovely coworker Tran, the hat is a hand me down from my cousin (score), and the belt and top are Society for Rational Dress. I have the 5 peace signs on my inner wrist in representation of everyone in my family, they’re a personal message that I always carry with me.
Does your job affect what you wear everyday? No, I am sitting most of the day so I can wear anything I want really….my emotional condition is usually what effects what i wear most!
What bag from the spring line are you coveting? The Mexican Matilde Tote
 If you could live any other city what would it be? Rome
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