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Meet Matilde!

Here at CVHQ, we're so excited about our Spring Poster events next week and have been crushing on the lookbook images starring Matilde. Matilde is a CV original. She was the second employee after Jocelyn, fresh off the plane she became Clare's first intern when the business was still being run out of her house. She watched the company grow over her year spent working and now, well, you can see how far she's come. Since she's the star (and set to make an appearance at both events in LA and NYC!), I wanted to ask her a few questions so you could get to know this belle fille a bit better. - Alexis Image Name, Age, Occupation: Matilde Riccardi, 22. Creative for a soon-to-hatch project. In the meantime: Hometown: Brussels Q: How would you describe your style? A: I want to leave the impression of wearing something from the past in the future. My style is eclectic, without looking like a theatre character, I wear pieces from different times and places. It's all about balance. When I pull something from my closet, when I decide what is going to be the focus, I find the perfect other pieces to coordinate with it. That's how my bed becomes a mess of thrown jackets. It’s ', YES, that's it!' I own a broad range of essential pieces, which allow me to play along with my desires and ideas. It can be a combination of H&M + vintage + men + APC, it doesn't really matter. The final silhouette needs to have that good fit and natural feel. Ideally it would be a new character in a plausible fiction story. My style is also never too polished, I never want to feel conscious about what I'm wearing. When I wear something, I don't want to have to readjust it during the day. It doesn't mean it's all about comfort. For instance, I’m really into high-waisted jeans—it gives you a discipline. Q: What are the three items in your closet you can't live without? A: To be honest, the nightmare would be to lose my suitcase. I love my clothes. But the three items I seem to wear constantly are gold rings, earrings and necklace—basics that never change. Q: What do you find to be the difference between LA style and style in Belgium? A: I guess here in LA I have that little Belgian hint, probably with a touch of humour. It's not a direct influence from Belgium—because we can't say the majority of Belgian people dress extravagantly—but a reaction to its traditional and bourgeois style and most likely, the weather. And then, when I went back home a couple of weeks ago my best friend thought I was more baba cool, I m not sure what it means, i guess it's a California vibe. A more relaxed aspect to my style maybe.  I like the idea of a mix of both cultures. Q: Where are your favorite places to shop in LA? A: Garage sales. It’s all about keeping your eyes open for opportunities. I was drinking a coffee with a friend when literally a garage mechanic came up to us and said he was having a garage sale close by. I went out of curiosity and it turned out to be the best shopping deal ever. Those dudes were selling the wardrobe of a woman, who was my size (We don't know who, what, how...). We ended up staying 3 hours trying on everything. I even called him back. I needed more. Image Q: What do you look for when shopping? A: The piece that s missing in my closet…a crush. Q: Favorite recent purchase? A: Nothing better than going shopping with your grandma for your birthday. I came home with brown suede knee boots. Q: Desert island beauty products? A: Avène Thermal Spring Water. It’s so fresh. Q: Favorite Spring bag? A: My little white Madeleine (pictured)! It’s great, it’s like driving a white car in LA. So chic. Q: What can you not wait to wear this Spring/Summer? A: This cute floral ensemble: a skirt + top from my youth.
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