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A Look Back at our Spring Poster Events

Last week we celebrated the onset of Spring by hosting a Poster Event at both our LA and NYC stores - and what fun we had! Matilde, our tres belle lookbook model, was in attendance and our friends came out to shop the newest bags for Spring - and get their first look at our new tees, which will be available in stores soon. (How cute does Matilde look holding up her 'Bonjour!'?). Take an inside look at some of our favorite moments from each fête with these sweet pics. -Alexis An evening at our LA store in Silverlake... Image Image Image Image And then CV and Matilde headed back east for an evening at our Nolita shop with posters of Matilde dressing up the window display. 0aeed810b38a11e3a2331259837c1464_8 i_3T0RuWV8-IeNRg5dVPTDrKfPnMc5tTTtiDGd9IbZM,gjWeBhB_eI1fC1WSQz46eeuyuqGPNEWq7bFL_LGt0f8 tRR-PtTsb5DWveYpeAHlbVnxBkVl2FHdctTGPnQWRKY,T-j6ZacyJ9057XQRPJ2jrcq_2KRdxwy_d-Zu3Eq-5b8 B4B6cC0pX_cvXsR6UabhtZ5-CawpTQMwaEZCMIiVQmE,cxx2Tag4rXSxYw1CwrOFwzmAuDVui2Nfrc4NWZII49U KjAkVzQr1MRXPoS_kHRMtXE_MUu-vygtA6lxrSEA1qo,Kf8hfNI-YFRF0CLd7xOx1jSc71PL1WjTJe3CLDEhiwI P9lWSfFbI0r2AnT5ppG-TGF0ElK2hUxdEFNFypOavnA,xNCKTgKyCv8G2BWXrIkVVGYZNnk9UVmNRvGlqZHLLTw 49aYYZDpDCyJMDXwj_4C68u6eGDe98UrwmWnJz1UiTQ,b7v_eVwkrXzQ44KZUR04NmFfBqoSRFxrliUYTLno5SM Image Photos courtesy of and Pierre Auroux.  
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