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A Day in the Life of Clare V.

No two days are the same for me but people have been asking me what my average day looks like, so I thought it'd be fun to give you a better look into my daily routine. (I'm always a sucker for this feature myself) So here I document a day (or two - to be honest!) to show you where I go, what I do and who I see. From dawn in my sun-streaked bedroom to dusk meeting new friends at a very memorable event in Virginia at Need Supply, this is a little bit what my life looks like. bed My bedroom is my favorite place in the house, I rarely get to spend much time here, but it's really peaceful and the light is beautiful. I simply can't walk by without wanting to crawl right in and take a nap. morning1 I caught Oscar right after he dressed - school mornings are not his favorite and are never easy in our house. His colorful tee and pants look kind of cool next to the big Simone Shubuck piece hanging in my upstairs hallway. photo 1 I was lucky enough to sneak out of the office for a bit to meet friends for a birthday lunch at one of my favorite places, Pizzeria Mozza. This pizza tasted just as good as it looked - they get it just right every time. unnamed-3 And then there was this. Olive oil and espresso gelato that was the perfect way to end Deb's birthday. I can't even begin to describe just how delicious this was. studio3 Back at the studio, we usually get a lot of inventory delivered from our factories every afternoon, it's my favorite time of day - I love seeing the new bags. On this day - spotted Sandrines are in! Here they are all queued up waiting to be sent out to our stores and retail accounts. studioshot And what says CV more than stacks and stacks of clutches? I spy some very pretty Spring colors. studioshot2 I absolutely love when we have fresh flowers from Hollyflora in the office. We got a special delivery for a photo shoot we were having at CVHQ that day for Elle Japan and they add a pretty pop of Spring to our conference table. jeans Before I caught a redeye back east, I got ready to go to a dinner for Jane Herman and Florence Kane of Jeanstories. I love that I was featured in the very earliest stages of their site and Jane and Florence couldn't be lovelier. I wore my Acne Pop jeans, black striped, long sleeved Armor Lux t-shirt, my older sister's aged and beaten Lee Jeans jacket topped off with my treasured, vintage Andrienne Landau black feather jacket, and green Givenchy sandals (with socks.) jeansparty Vogue and a few chic LA designers (Jen Meyer, Greg Chait, Scott Sternberg) hosted the lovely dinner in their honor at AOC. All the denim was offset by these lovely Spring blooms. world trade After the party I went straight to the airport where I caught a redeye to NY. I only had a few hours there and filled it with back to back meetings, before returning to the airport to fly to Richmond, VA. It was a lovely day there though - the cold seemed to have abated for more Spring-worthy weather. I barely had a chance to breathe while there, let alone take any pictures, but as my taxi came to pick me up I turned and looked west and the setting sun reflecting onto the new Freedom Tower was so amazing, I had to snap. needsupply3From New York I headed south with my friend, and monogrammer Walker Baron in tow, to the Meet The Maker series hosted by Need Supply. They threw an event in my honor which brought out some of the nicest, most fashionable people in all of VA. Here's a bird's eye view of the scene. needsupply2 I kind of geeked out when I saw these sweet girls all rocking their own CV. I was so glad they turned out to Meet the Maker, me - and shop! needsupply1 They even created CV-themed cocktails for the event, which were a nice, personalized touch. sleepy timeI got back to LA on Saturday afternoon and I went straight back to my happy spot.  
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