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Clare V. Studio Style: Ori Ofir

Did you just get your Clare V. clutch monogrammed? Allow us to introduce Ori, the man behind the monogram machine. Ori handles all of the web and LA store monograms and assists the wholesale team. He also manages to handle being around 20 chatty ladies all day and somehow remain sane! Ori recently picked up one of the spring Adam’s Duffles and it hasn’t left his side since. Find out more about Ori below!  How would you describe your personal style? Goth dad. I gravitate towards black, button downs, tucked in shirts, and skinny jeans. I like to be comfortable! Where did you get the items you are wearing from? Jeans are from Urban Outfitters, shoes are Doc sneakers, both shirts are thrifted, my new Clare V. Adams Duffle, and sunglasses are Steven Alan. Does your job affect what you wear everyday? Yes. I am sitting, standing, squatting, and hunched over to do the monograms. I have to be comfortable! What bag from the spring line are you coveting? I want the black toiletry bag. It’s so slick. If you could live in any other city what city would it be? London.
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