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Travel Diary: Dispatch From Detroit

photo 1 I had the good fortune of traveling to Detroit last week to celebrate "Detroit - Bruce Weber," the new show at DIA (The Detroit Institute of Arts Museum) by the great fashion photographer. I was so excited to be there and see so many amazingly talented faces (like Patti Smith!!!) come to celebrate the icon and his beautiful work. Also, in a feat of perfect travel timing, the next day was the opening of Willys Detroit, which is a very cool new store that should not be missed if you're in the area. Read on to see some of the best photos from my quick, 2-day trip. photo 2Thanks to my good friend Crystal, who has the low down on at least a few of the coolest things to do and places to stay and eat in every town around the world, I stayed at the fantastically cute and cozy Honor & Folly. photo 5 Down to every last detail, this place was the most charming. I couldn't stop taking pictures. I can't recommend it enough. Hello, this blanket!! I wanted it sooo badly. But nope, sadly it was not available to buy. photo 5-2Honor & Folly is located in Corktown, above not only one of the most famous BBQ joints in Detroit, Slows, but also above one of the best cafes in Motor City, Astro Coffee. This was my breakfast and it was as delicious as it looks. photo 4 It was a beautiful evening for the Weber affair at the gorgeous Beaux-Arts style Detroit Institute of Arts. photo 2Walking into the atrium behind Anna Wintour (on the left!!). photo 5 Patti Smith performed some of her greatest hits (People have the Power! Here Comes the Night!!) with her son and daughter in the sun-filled atrium surrounded by massive Diego Rivera murals, it was very touching. photo 1During her performance I had to put my clutch down to clap (and wipe my teary eyes) and I loved how our LACMA clutch looked on my beat up jean jacket with a touch of my lacy pink Isabel Marant dress showing. photo 1-2Of course, I loved Weber's photos of Smith that were on display. photo 2 This little cutie was a special guest at the event as she features prominently in Weber's Detroit exhibit. photo 4 photo 3This Weber pic seems to epitomize a lot of the Detroit that I saw - loved all the hand-painted business signs. photo 5Of course, I loved his portraits of Kate Moss in Detroit.  photo 1Speaking of supermodels, Carolyn Murphy was also a featured guest at the event as she has just been working with Weber there for the new Shinola ad campaign. I met her, she was lovely, and I asked to take her picture with a gentleman known as Mr. Detroit. photo 5 The after-party was decidedly less glam, but just as fun: a chili dog fest at American Coney Island. photo 1 The luminous Murphy sat with Daniel Caudill, creative director at Shinola. photo 3I had to take a clandestine photo of the iconic Grace Coddington of Vogue chatting with Bruce at the hot dog restaurant. I'm a nerd to be sure. photo 2The next day, I was introduced to Willys!photo 1 I love the CV section - so nice how they merchandised it with beloved CV store staples like the pompoms and books, including La Beaute Est Dans La Rue.
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