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Inside the Nolita Shop

Every week we give you an inside look at our LA and NY shops on Instagram. But what you don’t always see are the amazing CV shopgirls who run the show. We headed cross country this week to check in with Danielle, store manager of the Nolita shop on Elizabeth Street. Read on to find out more about this stylish shopgirl. -Alexis


Name and Title: Danielle Felmlee / Nolita Store Manager (pictured above with the Sac Bretelle)
How would you describe your Summer style?
Anything goes in Summer, but I like to feel weightless. This summer I'm loving light color palettes like dusty-rose or bleached blues and naturals, anchored with interesting brass jewelry pieces. Annie Costello Brown's jewelry (sold in both LA and NY stores) is perfect for this.
What’s your go-to Summer look?
Hmm...a simple throw-on dress? Stripes? Sandals? Today I have bubble shorts on and an oversized linen boatneck knit with K.Jacques sandals. It's really all about the Sac Bretelle, though. I'm loving Clare's new British Tan leathers. They are such a gorgeous tone of rust-brown. 
What’s your favorite part about working at the store?
I enjoy sharing the fun that customers have...helping them find a fun and useful bag or a gift for someone. 
What song do you love to have playing at the store?
I am stuck on soulful oldies like Doris Troy right now. When Casey and I work together, we take a duet on Nancy Sinatra's "Sugar Town" at least once a day. We spice it up with Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire on occasion, and they will sometimes tolerate my neo-disco obsession. 
Do you see a difference between the way LA and NY girls wear CV?
Other than NY'ers may lean more towards black or neutrals slightly more often, I'm finding that Clare V. is universally the destination for something of high quality that is fun, different, and without overt branding.
Any big summer plans?
I aim to enjoy the simple things this Summer including my container garden, all things slow-food related, my Boston Terrier, and bike. I usually manage at least one van-camping trip, a few NY-style beach days, and take some sort of personal-interest class. This summer it's Spanish. 
Which CV bag will you be wearing all summer?
I already take one of three out the door with me each day, which is my light-weight and minimal Sac Bretelle in British Tan, my handy and roomy Kenya Bag for the beach or farmer's market shopping, or my Tropezienne for toting around my computer and paperwork!
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