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At Home with Heather Taylor

Heather and I met over five years ago at a P.S. ARTS event. She’s always been a dear friend and a loyal fan of the brand and I love seeing the inventive ways she wears her CV each season. I’ve watched her launch her home line, Heather Taylor Home, and am so proud to carry it in CV stores. Here, she shares some tips and tricks for at-home entertaining (she always creates the most enviable spread). 00_Prep_0009_FR-750x500 Q: What do you love best about entertaining at home? A: I find the whole process really creative and relaxing. When I was ten-years-old I was obsessing over my mom’s Martha Stewart gardening and entertaining books so the seed was planted early on. I love coming up with the menu and putting together the table. My approach is always pretty last minute but somehow it all comes together. Having people over for dinner is such a lovely way to show that you love them. It can be an expression of something really personal.  Q: What’s your go-to recipe to cook for family and friends? A: Homemade pizza. I buy the dough from my favorite pizzeria and get creative with the toppings. Lately, I’ve been getting great ideas from the Mozza cookbook. I serve a giant salad, dressed with olive oil, meyer lemon juice, sea salt and pepper and bring out the pizzas as they come out of the oven. It’s impressive yet so easy.   Q: Any secret tips or cheats you use when entertaining at home? A: I prep everything before my guests arrive so I’m not stuck in the kitchen all night. I also make sure to have appetizers that require no cooking - my favorite combination of the moment is a great cheese served with truffle honey, prosciutto, figs, sliced persian cucumbers and a baguette. Q: What’s your signature decor/look? A: Lots of fresh flowers, bowls of citrus and one of my handwoven table runners with matching hand-embroidered HTH napkins. Q: Favorite cocktail to serve? A: Right now it’s an Aperol Spritz, a drink I discovered in Florence.  Place a couple ice cubes in a coupe glass. Add 3oz prosecco and 1.5oz aperol. Top with a healthy splash of sparkling water and garnish with a 1″ long strip of orange rind. Enjoy immediately. Q: What would we find you wearing when hosting at home? A: A comfortable dress, red lips and always barefoot. Q: What’s on your playlist? A: Beach Boys, Coldplay, Bjork, Feist, Drake, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Common, Kate Bush, Paul Simon, Radio Heads and The Postal Service. My fall back is always the Django Reinhardt Pandora station. Q: Plated dinner, family style or buffet? A: I feel like serving a meal family style leads to a long evening of sitting around the table eating and talking. It’s definitely my favorite way to go. Q: Dream dinner party guest? A: Nora Ephron.
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