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Behind The Camera with Jeana Sohn

This week I wanted to interview my close friend - and frequent CV lookbook photographer - Jeana Sohn. She recently shot our Spring '15 lookbook (and some of my favorite images of Matilde) and just gets the CV vibe. I was so excited for her to share why she loves being behind the lens. xcv JeanaSohnBehindTheLens-compressed Q: How did you originally get into photography? A: I took some photography classes when I was studying Graphic Design in College in Korea and loved it more than Graphic Design. We used film back then and my class was very focused on composition, which I loved.  I worked as a storyboard artist for TV and a painter for a long time and then finally wanted to move onto photography about 5 years ago.  It was the best decision I've ever made.  Q: Where is your favorite place to shoot? A: I love unexpected—and kind of weird—locations.  I had a chance to shoot a lookbook at a famous artist's art studio with a great outdoor space filled with weird tools and equipment, and I had so much fun. I also love shooting in the desert.  Q: Who has been your favorite model/subject of all time? A: Of course Matilde is my favorite. :)  When I made a fashion film with her for Closet Visit, I knew I wanted to shoot her for a long time.  She has an amazingly effortless presence. I also love that she's not a typical model.  Q: What do you do to set the vibe on a shoot? A: Sometimes I make a mood board before the shoot and email it to the people who are involved with the shoot.  I play music if I can. I also try to talk to the subject a lot while I'm shooting.  Q: What's your favorite time of day to shoot? A: I love early morning light.   Q: What photographer past or present do you look up to? A: Corinne Day JeanaSohnSpring15Shoot Q: Do you have one photo that you've taken that's your favorite to this day? A: Not yet!  I'm still trying to take a good photo that I'm absolutely happy with but there are some polaroids that I shot of Cathy Cooper (artist/stylist) a few years ago that I really like.  Q: What's your one tip for someone who's posing in front of the camera? A: I always say "Chin down" unless it's a fashion shoot. Also it looks less stiff if you put your weight on one leg. 
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