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Talking Jewelry With Grace Lee

I first met the very sweet and talented Grace Lee five years ago when she emailed me to introduce herself. Joc and I were working out of my home at the time and she came over to meet with me and introduce me to her line. Now years later, people come into my stores, where I sell her designs, looking for her collection, as everyone seems to love how subtle and feminine each piece is. I love stacking her delicate jewelry - I wear her signet ring and bands, along with her cuffs and bezel earrings every day - and they always elicit compliments. And just like me, Grace has always made sure that each piece is handmade in Los Angeles, a hometown girl with a local philosophy like mine. I caught up with Grace to talk jewelry wish lists and inspiration.  xcv Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.32.51 AM Q) What inspired you to first begin designing jewelry? A) When I was pregnant with our daughter Olivia, I gained 60 lbs. J My body was changing daily and I wanted to wear a ring that was barely there – the Whisper Ring started it all. Q) What's your favorite keepsake or heirloom piece of jewelry? A) My mom’s engagement ring and our 2 daughter’s gold baby rings and bracelets. Q) What is your favorite piece from the current collection? A) The Petite Lace Band for Spring/Summer 2015 – it stacks really well. Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.33.01 AM Q) What tops your jewelry wish list? A) I’ve yet to design it… Q) What's your favorite way to wear your jewelry day to day? A) I like to stack and layer delicate rings and bracelets. Q) What's your tip for dressing things up? A) A pair of classic Diamond or Pearl Stud Earrings. Q) How do you love to pair Grace Lee and CV? A) I’m loving White Gold right now and currently carrying a CV Silver Messenger with a CV Silver Dots Clutch (pictured). IMG_6208 Q) What piece will we never find you without? A) Hand-engraved gold bangle.
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