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Opening Up Shop in Santa Monica

Now that Fall is in full swing, the weeks are getting busier and busier and there's so much going on. And mid-November we'll open our Santa Monica store (1318A Montana Ave.). We'll be right next door to Sleepy Jones and we're opening at the same time. There are many exciting things about this: one, I'm a big fan of Sleepy Jones pjs, and two, I'm a big fan of Andy Spade (of kate spade, Jack Spade and Partners & Spade) and his collaborators, Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri. And three, they are also employing the services of the very talented architect Barbara Bestor (the mastermind behind our Silverlake and Nolita stores) to design their store! There'll even be a secret window between then two spaces for added kinship. cvsj_text Also super excited about the fact that one of my dearest friends, Simone Shubuck, is doing another collage wall for this location. Read about it here on T, from when we opened our store in Nolita. 10732040_784958911560133_949097956_n This version of the wall will have a little more of a Cali-girl vibe since it's in beach town Santa Monica. Here are some progress images from her instagram account. 10723986_312219058966984_621957419_n Here's the work in progress at her studio in NYC. 927354_709693689119206_2098394113_n Today she's shipping it out to LA. She arrives Sunday for installation next week! It's all happening!! FullSizeRender Last week, I went to Steven Alan Atlanta to celebrate with him, (as well as Shinola & A Continuous Lean,) his 20 years in business. What a cute store in such a great neighborhood. We ate at Optimus afterwards and it was delicious! Congrats Steven! IMG_5615 The morning of the event I got to take a long walk in the gorgeous Piedmont Park. IMG_5622 Strolling around the neighborhood of the shop, I encountered a very cool arts collective called the Goat Farm - walking the grounds at sunset made for some stunning photos.
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