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Talking Denim With Jane & Florence From Jean Stories

It was a dream to work with Jane Bishop and Florence Kane of Jean Stories. When they first approached me, I'd already known their work as writers and was quickly becoming obsessed with their site about all things denim. So to work with them and design a capsule collection using incredible denim fabric was really exciting. We came up with a collection that perfectly reflects both brands - and all of us - really well. There's even a classic CV tee reimagined with 'Toujours Denim,' which translates to 'Always Denim,' which I think these ladies would agree is all we want to wear.

They documented our incredible trip to the Cone Denim Mill in North Carolina on their site, and had great things to say about the designs, but I wanted to talk to the ladies about the collaboration and what the process was like for them. And don't forget to shop the collection now.  xcv


Q: How did you first conceive of the idea to collaborate with CV?

A: When we were imagining our website – before we launched – we actually dreamed of doing a collaboration with you. We’ve loved your bags for so long, and thought they would be a great vehicle for denim...and something we’d want to wear! So when you approached us about doing something together, we were thrilled.

Q: What was your main goal in the collaboration and the designs? A: To honor the Cone/White Oak denim we picked by using it in ways that are beautiful and functional. And also – to make bags that really work for women like us who work and have full lives and carry a lot every day, from laptops to makeup and everything in between. You're so good at making handbags that really work for women, and denim is such a hard-working fabric, we wanted to see that this collaboration touched on both these things. EJ_2994-1400x933 Q: Did you find that there were any challenges in using denim in this capacity? A: One of the things we love about indigo-dyed denim is that it wears down and breaks in so beautifully. It’s a lot like leather in that sense – it softens and gets better and more personal the more you wear it. This is something that we’d talked about when we first met. EJ_3174 Q: What was the design process like? How much of a hand did you two have? A: We had a brainstorming coffee on one of your visits to New York, and then after that, we e-mailed ideas back and forth. The dimensions of the tote are based on an old bag of Jane’s that fits a computer perfectly. The bleach spots were Jocelyn’s brilliant idea. The CV team would send photos of samples and we’d discuss. It was fun! Q: How do you think the designs meld your aesthetic with the CV aesthetic? A: We’re sort of no-nonsense women, and the way we dress is very clean and classic, which are words we would use to describe CV bags, too. That being said, we don’t take things too seriously, and we appreciate the witty touches you add to your pieces. EJ_29831-1400x1400 Q: What was it like taking off your editor hat to do this project? A: Exciting! Q: What was your favorite part about visiting the Cone Denim Factory? A: Jane: I loved the warp yarn room. There was literally cotton flying in the air.  Florence: Learning about the history of the White Oak mill. And hanging out with Clare! Q: What are your respective favorite pieces? A: Jane: The white tote. I can’t wait to wear it. Florence: The washed clutch. The light blue is beautiful. EJ_2505 How amazing is this woman? Her name is Mildred Bolen and she's worked at Cone for 50 years! Photos: courtesy Taylor Jewell
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