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Talking Shop & Jewels With Maya Brenner

I met Maya through my friend Naomi, who I met through my friend Deb. Isn't that the best way to make friends - through other great people? But no matter how I met her, I'm just so happy to have her in my life as she's an inspiration for me in business, and personally as a friend and mom. Three qualities that easily come to mind to describe her are: confidence, positivity and wisdom. She started her namesake jewelry business with her state necklaces and has branched out to include a range of truly beautiful designs, which we are thrilled to carry at CV stores. I personally feel naked without her shark tooth necklace on. Seeing as I love her so, I thought I'd ask her to share a few things with you. But first, here are a few cool facts about her that Maya probably won't mention: she started out selling jewelry on the street in NYC, she has a 15 seconds of fame story having to do with Howard Stern, she's a closet Francophile, and finally, I introduced her to her boyfriend - so she's kind of indebted to me for life. :) xcv maya_brenner_glitter_guide131 Q: How would you describe your style? A: Feminine with a bit of an edge. Q: What's your first real fashion memory? A: Going to Bloomingdale’s in NYC with my grandmother when I was 11 years old and falling in love with clothes. Q: What item have you had in your closet the longest and why? A: A pair of clogs from the old Clogmaster store on La Cienega where you could design your own shoes. Why? I guess because I designed them so they were exactly what I wanted! Q: What's your favorite piece of Maya Brenner jewelry to wear? A: My MB earrings and my gold and diamond shark tooth necklace.  Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.15.06 PM Q: Is there one piece of clothing, accessory or jewelry that you find exceptionally sentimental? A: I don’t really hang onto things for very long. I’m constantly cleaning out my closet. I still have an Antik Batik top from my first trip to Paris 20 years ago and a purse that I bought when MBD first started selling well. Q: What was the last item of clothing or accessory you bought? A: A long sleeve olive colored dress by Anine Bing. It’s the perfect transitional piece. Q: What's on your wish list right now? A: The Givenchy ankle strap high heel sandals. Dying! unnamed Q: Favorite place to shop in LA? A: APCAnd I live in Los Feliz so I will often stop into Lake to see what’s new. Q: Your favorite hidden treasure shopping destination in LA? A: It’s not so secret but I love Chay shop. And I can always find something to buy at Broome St. General Store. Q: What would you consider to be the ultimate Maya Brenner x Clare V. outfit/pairing to wear? A: A floral, stripe or polka dot dress with my Isabel Marant suede ankle boots and of course my leopard clutch CV bag. Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.14.22 PM
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