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Talking Spring '15 With Hayley Magnus

We're pretty psyched over here about our Spring collection. Back in August we had the lovely and talented Hayley Magnus model for the lookbook and we've been smitten with her ever since. I tracked her down via email while on set in Australia (where she was shooting The Dressmaker with Kate Winslet), to talk to her about the shoot and see what styles she's coveting.  xcv image-4 Which comes most easily to you, acting or modeling? The truth is I was always an actor first but grew considerably long and then used aforementioned length to pay for acting school. What was it like modeling for the Clare V. lookbook? The shoot was great! We talked almond milk preferences and other such pressing (get it) life matters.  What was the biggest challenge? The hardest part was giving the bags back.  image What was your favorite look that Sophie Assa (our amazing stylist) styled you in? One of my looks consisted of a Trench over a bathing suit and a backpack. For me, this seems like the most practical of ensembles because sometimes it’s cold but sometimes you need to swim. A backpack frees you to hold hands with all the hotties drawn to your utilitarian sense of style. Perfect! Favorite bag that you modeled? With that in mind - I think the backpack was my favorite Item. image-3 It's a sports-themed collection. Do you play any? I’m not sporty at all, but I do appreciate the outfits. Tennis dresses! Golfing pants! Scuba suits! What’s your favorite item(s) in your closet? My favorite item in my wardrobe is a Chinese smoking jacket that I found at a yard sale for five dollars, my gold glitter Saint Laurent mary janes and of course, my leopard print Clare V. Mini Sac - I’m pretty irresistible in the whole combo.  image-2 How and when did you start acting? I started acting when I was very young, faking my own kidnapping at 6, which is still a bit of a sore subject amongst my family - Haha. Acting is a way to be everything or anyone. It’s about exploring the psychological motivation for how a person lives, how they justify their choices and then assuming their way of thinking. What role are you assuming next? I’ve just finished a film playing a 1950s mailwoman closeted Lesbian and now I’m on an NBC mini series based on a Sci-fi book by Arthur C Clark.  Clever girl! Go ahead and check out what's new for Spring at - and keep checking back as we add more styles!
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