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To the Gas Giants and Back

When my son Oscar was 6 or 7 years old, he was obsessed with the planets and the solar system in general. One time when I said to him, I love you to the moon and back he responded, "I love you to the gas giants and back." The cuteness of this response - so unexpected and clunky, and yet so accurate - amazed me. He was right, if you were going to use distances in the solar system as a unit of measure for our love - to the moon and back was not far enough. The outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, was a way more accurate distance of how much we loved one another. It has since become one of our regular exchanges. unnamed I am excited that Valentine's Day is nearly here. It's a pretty cute holiday, I think this one and Thanksgiving are my favorites (one you tell people you love them and the other you give thanks, nice). This year we decided to create something extra special for your sweets, some exclusive gifting items monogrammed just for the occasion. Mon Amour, Je t'adore, Mon Coeur and Mon Chou, (which we used to call Oscar when he was little, but enough about that). There really are so many ways to say I Love You. Here you have a chance to grab some of these beauties pour ton amour in time for VDay. 10963987_1427555417536245_1297751518_n (We also made these adoarble V-day cards available at our shops!) xcv
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