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Mais Oui (Part Deux)

It has been amazing to see our Oui clutch at #NYFW and carried by some of our favorite ladies (I mean, Elisa Nalin!). And this week I thought I'd follow up on last week's post and show how the cool girls from Blank Itinerary and Collage Vintage wear their CV.  xcv IMG_8685 IMG_8680 IMG_8693 Paola of Blank Itinerary brought her Oui Clutch with her to #NYFW all the way from sunny San Diego. She nailed it in ripped denim, brogues and I always love a fur collar. 10727655_1377011229267027_1829683922_n Tommy_Hilfiger-Trench-Sneakers-30_Anniversary-Fashion_Week-NYFW-Fall_Winter_15_16-Oui_Clutch-Clare_Vivier-Outfit-Street_Style-35-790x527 Tommy_Hilfiger-Trench-Sneakers-30_Anniversary-Fashion_Week-NYFW-Fall_Winter_15_16-Oui_Clutch-Clare_Vivier-Outfit-Street_Style-37-790x527 And beautiful Sara from Collage Vintage. I love her all-black and trench ensemble at #NYFW and those Stan Smiths - I've been wearing mine an awful lot, too. Walk away with the Oui clutch here!
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