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Weaving Tales with Janelle

There are so many skilled artisans in LA who have honed their craft and offer something quite beautiful - and hand made. One of those such designers is Janelle Pietrzack of All Roads Design. Spring '15 marks the debut of our higher-end Souer line and I decided to collaborate with Janelle to incorporate her unbelievable weaving into our collection. We came up with really great ways for Janelle to use the leather scrap that we have leftover from production to create something that is so beautiful - and unexpected for CV. She's an incredible talent whose weaving works beautifully with the CV aesthetic, and since Soeur has just hit stores, I wanted to talk with Janelle to learn more about her process.  xcv IMG_2370 "I'm a full-time weaver/textile artist. Before going full-time with my craft, I worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, working in apparel and accessory design, materials sourcing and concept design. Out of habit, I still approach my work as if I'm designing a garment. For example, I consider how different materials and finishes will contrast each other, much like how buttons or trim can enhance a piece of clothing or a handbag. When I worked for a company, I struggled with pairing colors. I was overwhelmed with color theory, even though I had studied it in college. Now I really have fun with color, and I feel that my quirky color sense defines my work." IMG_2426 "Since sourcing materials is in my history, I enjoy experimenting with materials other than what you can find at a yarn shop. I am inspired by ropes and twines at the hardware store, and faded vintage yarns or fabrics at flea markets. Unspun fiber, like rustic hemp or sheep curls, have become some of my favorite materials to incorporate into my textile work." IMG_2586 "Clare's bright colored bags and metallic touches inspired opening a new palette of paints. When we figured out that we could weave leftover scrap leather from her handbag production, I got really excited." 11008269_1607761429460726_1274181808_n "I love repurposing materials, and it is nice to have limitations to then go free within. It makes me feel good knowing that we were able to create something beautiful and completely unique with materials that were destined for the scrap bins." - Here, Le Franc is all dressed up for Spring. 10995189_429143090585615_642961869_n Here's the woven Le Duc having her moment in the sun in Santa Monica. It's so exciting to see our collab bags hit our stores!
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