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Drawbertson at Bergdorf Goodman

A few months back, I found out that artist Donald Robertson would be lending his personal touch to some CV clutches exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman. Known as Drawberton on his insta handle, Donald is one of the founders of MAC Cosmetics and is currently the Creative Director of Bobbi Brown. As part of the project with BG, he would customize our bags with colorful hand-painted detail. The bigger project was an entire Donald takeover of Bergdorfs, customizing their windows, signature shopping bags, and projects with Kenzo, Alice & Olivia and Estee Lauder. The whole thing launched with a cocktail party on May 14  at the NY store, and I had the good fortune to travel there for the fun event. IMG_1720 Here's one of the many BG windows Donald dressed. Pizza boxes, paint and gaff tape were his mediums of choice. IMG_1728 I want this red suit, and I'm pretty sure that blue tape is a CV cobalt blue clutch. IMG_1745 I do not love this picture of me, but felt privileged to be photographed with these two so I'm posting it anyway. :) I was thrilled to finally meet Donald in person (we'd been communicating on Insta but we were not able to actually meet when he was last in LA), and I admire Linda Rodin, the gorgeous visionary behind Rodin - the skin care product line we carry at our stores. IMG_1769 Jane Larkworthy (Beauty Director at W Magazine) stopped by the event and Donald had his way with her. 11244966_441162686049993_1201394786_n I love the detail here. I spy Bergdorf's Linda Fargo on the far right. Oh, to be Donald's muse. IMG_1733 Here he is, having fun at work, doing what he does best. For those lucky gals who were at Bergdorfs that night, he did some on-site customization that was unreal. Donald's positivity was infectious, even after doing this all day, he said, "I could do this all night." Greta and I swore he was gonna be our new role model. "I could do this all night" is just another way of saying, "Love what you do!" IMG_1775-2 There were 60 total clutches for the event and I think they nearly all sold out that day. #Donaldartbombsbergdorfs was one of the hashtags for the event - you can look it up. Or just follow @drawbertson on Instagram - he'll often make your day brighter.  The Bergdorf Blog did a fun, quick Q&A with him, which puts him in the spotlight, where he belongs. Greta and I ended up buying two of the clutches for ourselves - I told him this may be the one and only time I'm buying my bags from a store.   xcv
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