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For Father's Day: Dads We Love

With Father's Day this weekend we thought we'd show a little love for some of our favorite pops in town. We're big fans of all of these dads who are big supporters of CV and have crazy cute kids. Randy of Silverlake Wines just served vino at our sample sale and is always shouting at us, er, I mean, supporting us! And we couldn't love working with them more and growing our local brands together. Alex is husband to my lovely Heather Taylor and he's had a huge hand in creating this here blog. And Peter I've known for over 20 years, since we were just kids - dancing and staying out very late at clubs in San Francisco, and I'm so happy that we are once again in the same town and can spend time together with our families. I adore these guys, for real - these cute kids are super lucky to be able to call them dad! unnamed Name: Peter Bruno Cury Occupation: Design Director, The Hollywood Reporter How would you describe your style? Sneakerhead prep with a dash of the unexpected. What do you love about being a dad? Really, it's the little things— everything from a surreal drawing dreamt up and put to paper by my daughter Annabel, to discovering that my son Julian has an amazing throwing arm. Of course they make great snugglers too, which can become serious business when I go into overdrive. What are you planning on doing this Father's Day? Hoping for some chill time at the beach or a hike in Griffith Park and a then great meal out. Where's your favorite place to spend time with your kids? We love weekend day trips (often involving treacherous drives), exploring waterfalls, trying to find the elusive blooming poppies, eating our way through local Mexican restaurants, running around local state fairs and going to Will Rogers - our go-to beach. During the holidays, it's always super fun visiting my mom's place up in Hudson, NY. What's your favorite piece from the CV men's line right now? Love the Weekender bag in that awesome green. unnamed-2 unnamed-1 (one with each boy!) Name: Randy Clement Occupation: Owner Silverlake Wine, Silverlake Wine Arts District, Everson Royce, ER Bar How would you describe your style? Completely accidental and entirely comfortable What do you love about being a dad? That I have the power to add two males into the Beneficial for Society Club. What are you planning on doing this Father's Day? My Father's Day, like all other days, has already been planned by the person in our family who celebrates Mother's Day. I will be working an offsite event for Silverlake Wine in Venice, as well as explaining to my twin sons that just because today is a "holiday" neither Christmas nor their birthday is the next day. Or the day after that, or the day after that. Where's your favorite place to spend time with your kids? Any place that causes them to think about things that they have never thought about before. What's your favorite piece from the CV men's line right now?  Adam's Duffle to hold the Laptop Case, which also contains the Card Case and the Money Clip. unnamed Name: Alex de Cordoba Occupation: Web Developer / Technology Consultant How would you describe your style? Functional with an emphasis on the outdoors, nature and cycling. What do you love about being a dad? I love watching Scarlett grow and develop, seeing the world through her eyes. The other day she was captivated with a large yellow butterfly fluttering around a lemon tree. It's an amazing reminder to slow down and be in awe of the beauty of the natural world. Life feels so much more meaningful now that I'm a father. What are you planning on doing this Father's Day? Hoping to head to Malibu for a picnic and a beach day. Maybe a nature walk? Where's your favorite place to spend time with her? I love taking her out into nature - we hike up Runyon Canyon a couple times a week. I also love exposing her to art - LACMA is a family favorite, she lit up while viewing Chris Burden's Ode to Santos Dumont. What's your favorite piece from the CV men's line right now? Heather gave me a navy striped card case for christmas a few years back and it's my daily companion. She even got it monogrammed. The leather is aging perfectly. It's the best wallet I've ever owned. Our Men's shop has some great new gifts that dad will love.  xcv
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