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Florals With Hollyflora

My friends Holly and Becky of Hollyflora are some of the most talented flower people in the world. It may sound like hyperbole, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Their creations are breathtaking. We are lucky enough to have them deliver some of the season's finest every week to our LA stores and they are kind enough to decorate our office and my home with fragrant, inventive and unforgettable florals whenever we need them to. Here's a little Q&A w/ the inspiring Holly. xcv IMG_5565 2 Q: How and why did you start Hollyflora? A: I had been a florist on both coasts for 15 years prior to starting my own business. I felt there was an untapped need for a more organic, fun, artistic, wild perspective on flowers. I had a few very kind and savvy friends that helped get me off my ass and take the scary first steps into the business world. unnamed-3 Q: What are your favorite Summer blooms? A: My partner Rebecca Uchtman and I love all the wild texture of Summer: dune grasses, grevillia, brown black eyed susans, young fruits and nuts on branches, chocolate sunflowers, bright marines and dusty orange dahlias. It's such a happy, playful season. unnamed-1 Q: What is Hollyflora's signature floral arrangement or look? A: Beck and I focus on the untamed and organic side of florals, but with an experimental edge. We love pairing the unexpected.  unnamed-2 Q: What are your tips/tricks for pairing blooms together in an arrangement? A: We like to play with larger and smaller blooms, contrasting colors and textures. We find our most interesting and beautiful arrangements come from our garden. We like clipping lemons on the branch, overgrown passion vine, aloe spears, cactus blooms, spent clematis flowers - there's just so much inspiration in a Southern California garden, even in the drought. Q: How do you decide which flowers and blooms to use for what occasion? A: Dinner parties, weddings, holidays, thoughtful thank yous can all have a huge variation in feel these days. For weddings, we often encourage brides to use classically beautiful garden blooms in loose, unstructured ways. We get the most latitude with dinner parties and single deliveries, this is where we are able to bend the ideas of tradition with a little whimsy.
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