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CV Travel Diary: France

I've recently returned from our Summer family vacation in France. Usually we spend time with Thierry's family in the Loire Valley, but this time we decided to rent a house on Ile de Ré and we had such a lovely time. It was kind of the perfect vacation spot for us, because we like to be moving all the time and on the Ile, the main activity is to ride bikes all day long - so you're moving! The picture below was taken in the town of St. Martin de Ré - we didn't stay in this port town, it's the most touristy of the towns on the island, but so picturesque. unnamed I fell in love with the green shutters on every house. They were varying shades of green, from light, gray-green to bright kelly to deep forest,  but mostly no one strayed from the accent color on the island. unnamed-1 unnamed-9 unnamed-18 unnamed-20 unnamed-22 unnamed-15 unnamed-21 What we did all day: biked through the towns and on the seaside paths. unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-14 unnamed-13 The open air markets are so wonderful on the island, here are some examples of what I bought: unnamed-5 unnamed-16 unnamed-12 unnamed-19 What we ate everyday: fresh seafood and fresh fruits and veggies. unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamed-17 What we did when we weren't biking: nothing but a little read and snooze. unnamed-6Ahhh, take me back please... xxcv
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