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A few months back, we launched something new and exciting. We've been working with a pretty great group of inaugural CV ambassadors, who are helping us spread the word about the brand to their friends - and sometimes in fun, far-flung places like Sweden. Here are some of our favorite #CVAmbassador posts so far, and stay tuned for more great pics of these girls.   -Alexis @amandabrohman2 Longtime CV fave, @amandabrohman kicked things off for us with her Army Claude. We loved the way she carried her Madeleine when she lived in NYC, and now that she's in Sweden, she's got this new bag on lock. @Amelia_Champion5 We had so much fun when L.A. local @Amelia_Champion stopped by CVHQ for a quick spin around the Spring '16 line. Here, she models her Fall '15 bag of choice: The Patchwork Simple Tote. 12256720_1498864033741860_852604194_n Have CV, will travel. @sophiemonet stopped by our Nolita store and posed in front of our Simone Shubuck collage wall in her Jaguar Fanny - she even took her Oui Flat Clutch with her last week to the shores of Hawaii. @taylranne1 @Taylranne had her way with some CV patches, and here, she's got her new Sandrine right by her side - where it should always stay. Also, we love the ankle placement of the bandana. @quirkyfille6 All cozied up in that white plush sweater, loafers and the Cuoio Agnes - we love everything about this look on @quirkyfille. @sophieandlili5 Months back, we saw this supercute insta of @thesashaalexander wearing our Oui Striped Long-sleeved Tee holding an adorable hand-drawn sketch. The amazing artist behind it, @sophieandlili, is now one of our ambassadors and she painted this great pick of a lady in embrace of our colorblock Sandrine. @kelseyelizabethking1 Contemplating her next CV bag? @Kelseyelizabethking wears her Ultramarine Lou crossbody. 12345828_708183532616556_1867222385_n The Camel Simple Tote made its way down South on @Pencilandpaperco, who hails from Nashville. She's enjoying her new CV with a twist of #SouthernStyle. @ilovemartine4 And @ilovemartine new cuoio Vachetta Petit Lou in good company with her striped tee and high-waisted jeans.
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