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Clare's Favorite L.A. Places

Being based in L.A., Clare has become a quasi-expert on all things eastside: where we work, she lives (for the past 15 years) and opened her very first store in Silverlake. (P.S. Did we mention, we're opening our fifth shop on Bergen Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn on February 18th?) So, since we're on a high from last week's Vanity Fair release of "My Stuff," we thought we'd have Clare reveal her favorite L.A. places and mainstays - the stops that top her list, and the secret destinations that she's sharing with you.
Favorite place to go hiking: Runyon - the hard path, I start at the bottom walking up Vista from Franklin and take the "ridge" path off to the left, where you get the steepest inclines; or Elysian park - starting at the Baxter Street stairs to get the heart pumping on the way right at the start. If you're really ambitious (or need a tush workout), try walking up and down the steps a few times - my personal best is 8 times, then I felt like I was going to die.
Here's Paco running down from Carrot Top Hill. That's not the official name, it's what we call it from the old dead palm tree that used to be on top of the hill that looked just like a short, fat carrot.
Place I last went shopping: Mixed Business on Hyperion in Silverlake. I bought some perfume, but if I had more time, I'd probably have bought clothes, too, because there's a fabulous selection of vintage and new.
On my next free afternoon, I plan to…: Stay in bed and read - I got a wonderful selection of books for Christmas and my birthday, now I have to stop doing the NY Times crossword app at night before bed and read instead!!
Favorite new restaurant discovery: The Urban Radish, a market and cafe downtown. Greta and I had the good fortune to stumble upon the Urban Radish the other day for a late lunch after being at factories all morning. We sat down and had delicious trout, couscous and sauteed veggies - I wish we had a market like this in our neighborhood!
  unnamed-5 unnamed-6 (Photo: @urbanradish)
Best place for drinks with friends: Cafe Stella is a staple for all of my friends in Silverlake - if we're lucky we get to have a quick catch-up session with one another over a glass of wine on the way home from work in the back wine bar. And Marvin on Beverly is one of my favorite non-eastside restaurants. I always think that if the owner is at the restaurant, there's a much better experience all around, and Max the owner at Marvin, is proof of this. He's usually there and that is definitely what sets the good vibe at this place. The food is also delicious, my favorite is the tricolore salad and the ratatouille toasts. The two together - the friendly atmosphere and tasty food - make Marvin one of the only reasons we leave the neighborhood for dinner.
  925914_969799613052362_529741452_n (photo: @shmaxshmarder)
Best eastside secret you're willing to share: Collection Vintage shop on Sunset by Stadium Way, where she's got a great curated group of vintage designer pieces. It's where I go when I have an event and I need something new-to-me to wear.
Foxhole is a denim repair shop right across the street from CV Silverlake where they sell cool, rare denim items for not an arm and a leg, and they also customize any denim pieces you have that don't fit exactly the way you want them to. See photo below for some Wranglers they made a lot smaller for me. I bought them in Virginia two years ago even though they were way too big because I loved the way the denim was aging. Now they fit and I love them AND can wear them!
Westside destination you miss visiting most: GjUSTA. The first time I went to Gjusta, after having heard about how great it was for a while, I immediately fell in love with it. After hanging around, having lunch then coffee, I noticed a woman that must've been the owner, so I approached her to tell her how much I loved her place. Her name was Shelly, and she said she was one of the owners and it turns out she's a big fan of CV, so we've since become friends! It makes me think it's a good idea to pay people compliments, never know who you're going to meet! In other words, if you're thinking something nice, say it.
Dream breakfast spot: My dream weekend breakfast place after a hike is Croft Alley, where I get the vermicelli noodle salad with the turkey sausage patty - so good! Also this yogurt with chlorophyll and fresh berries is amazing. My dream weekday breakfast spot is Blue Bottle coffee, where I get the toast and poached eggs, yum!
  Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.46.23 PM (photo: @heatherbethtay)
Favorite place to browse (clothes/books, etc.): Barneys for clothes - it's so far from me, that it's really a treat each time I get to go; Alias Bookstore East is close to our office, so I can often stop in on lunch breaks, and Skylight books on Vermont is always a pleasure.
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