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Through The Lens With Garrett Leight

So excited to announce that next week we'll be launching a project that we've been quite excited about over here at CVHQ. Months back, Garrett Leight asked if he could interview me for Spectacle (an amazing zine, which you should check out if you haven't already), and we talked about working together on a collaboration. We conceived of a special GLCO sunglass frame that felt like the right fit for the CV woman. We referenced Francois Hardy and played on 1960s retro cool vibes and paired those with our L.A. DNA to create something we're both really proud of. Leading up to the launch, I spoke with Garrett to get his take on the collab and our partnership. xcv GLCOxClareV 3 Q: How did you first meet Clare? A: Creative Angelenos are probably no more than 2 degrees of separation in any direction, even a city of this size and magnitude. At this point, it’s hard to remember who, what, where, or when sometimes. I think what matters most is that we instantly had a good feeling about each other, and the result was this beautiful collaboration. Q: In what way(s) do you find that your aesthetic and respective brand ethos’ align? A: To put it into a few C words: Casual, Confident, and California. There’s a strong feeling of trust in each other's creations and a laid back approach that is really evident in each brand’s DNA.  Dillon-50-Cherry Blossom-Pastel Pink Mirror Q: How did you conceive of this specific frame? A: We felt a strong connection for Clare and French style. So we try to envision the effortlessly cool Parisienne and this design was born.  GLCOxClareV 2 Q: What about it speaks to GL and CV specifically? A: Specifically, it’s a sunglass that speaks directly to the CV customer. She has an amazing female customer base and this is the sunglass that they need. Q: How do you envision them being worn? A: The beauty of this frame is that you can dress it up or dress it down. It’s so effortless that it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a wrap dress and a sun hat.  Dillon-50-Cherry Blossom-Pastel Pink Mirror Q: What was the collaborative process like? A: Discuss, research, share, draw, share again, coffee, create, produce, share, dinner, and then share with the world. The frames will be available for pre-order beginning next Wednesday, Feb 3, on and
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