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In Convo With: #CVAmbassador Amanda Brohman

Name: Amanda Brohman Age: 21 Location: New York and Stockholm Blog: Instagram: @amandabrohman DSC_3943 When you first discovered CV: I first discovered Clare's amazing bags in the winter of 2013/2014, when I was fairly new to New York and needed to grow into a new, more grown up me - and somehow these bags found me and seemed to help shape the "me" I've become now. So that's pretty rad! Why you are drawn to CV: Well, first of all, it's the way all the CV bags I own just do the best job ever of carrying my life around in them on a daily basis. They literally come with me everywhere and they combine amazing quality with stunning, simple and classic but also quirky design, which suits my style perfectly. But, it feels like they could be incorporated into any style, really. My mom just got a CV bag and her style is completely different from mine, yet it looks perfect on her as well. I feel that not a lot of bag designers, otherwise, have managed to do that, make bags that fit so many different women and girls so well - but Clare does it flawlessly and is a fabulous lady, too! DSC_3730 Your favorite way to wear CV:  Um, any way? I haven't found a way yet that I can't wear CV. I mean maybe to bed, because I'm not that crazy, even though I doubt my sanity at times. But no, really, I wear various CV bags every single day...and they can really go with me from work to a party and fit right in, which is really a good thing - so versatile. Favorite Look Right Now: I love to wear my various shearling sheepskin jackets with knitted stuff: anything from a cardigan to an oversized cashmere or wool sweater. I am also falling a bit for this flared jeans trend, which I have been trying to resist for some time now, but alas... DSC_4018 Favorite CV Bag You’ve Been Wearing & Why: Tough question! But Claude is really cool - it reminds me of Madeleine, which is the first CV bag I ever owned, and still one of my most used ones. But Claude is a bit neater and smaller than Madeleine, but yet it fits so much stuff, surprisingly so, like all of Clare's bags. It's really impressive how much they fit, like a magic bag, you can just put almost anything in it and somehow it will fit. Unexpected styling trick: This might only work for me, but I always think: "Who do I want to be today?" and "What feeling do I want to give off?" and then I go from there, which I find easier because I get a starting point.  I do think of myself a bit as a blank page where I can become different characters depending on what I put on. I mean the style is always "me" somehow but just various parts of me. DSC_3788 What was the inspiration behind these shots? Both of these are me wearing some of my essential looks this season, along with the Claudethey show various parts of me and my style, one is more edgy and one is more cozy. I wanted to show the versatility of CV bags. I also love poignant details, like the turtleneck I am wearing in one look, with "EQUALITY" written on the collar of it: it's a simple message but it is a small way of showing what I care about and use fashion as a way to express activism.
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