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CV Paris Travel Diary - Inside The Ballet

There's something about being backstage, if you're not normally privy to it, that feels so special. It sounds so cheesy to say, but it feels like you're truly getting a window into "where the magic happens." Nowhere does this feel more the case than at this divine place - the Paris Opera House, the Palais Garnier. I had the amazing opportunity to do just that - see the magic being made, even getting to see the beautiful aliens who are professional ballerinas - last month with my friend, an artistic director at the Opera. Before the opera house opened to the public during the day, we toured the spectacular empty lobby & theater; the bustling-with-workers backstage and sewing ateliers; and briefly sat in on rehearsals with the incredibly lithe dancers in the various rehearsal rooms (HIGHLIGHT- but no images of them, sorry!). Here are my pictures from that amazing day. xcv unnamed-4 Exterior Shot unnamed-9 unnamed-8 unnamed-7 unnamed-6 Winding up the back staircases, I couldn't help being stunned by the views of the city. unnamed-13 unnamed-12 unnamed-11 unnamed-14 unnamed-16 unnamed-20 unnamed-19 unnamed-22 Floors, walls, ceilings, chairs, everything was stunning! The ceiling in the theater is by Marc Chagall. I could not believe the beauty. unnamed-23 unnamed-24 unnamed-25 unnamed-26 unnamed-27 Everything is made on the premises - all costumes, headpieces, tutus - everything made to measure for each dancer. They were getting ready for the next ballet, Romeo and Juliet. I only wish I could see the dance itself. Next time, I'll make sure to actually see a performance.
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