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In Convo With: #CVAmbassador Natalie Wu


Name: Natalie Wu
Age: 24
City: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Occupation: Design Assistant
Instagram: @quirkyfille 

When did you first discover CV? I first discovered CV through social media. I kept seeing these great lookbook photos of these Parisian-inspired accessories, and it was very much the aesthetic that I gravitate towards.
Why are you drawn to CV? I love the simple and minimal French touches; and the thoughtfulness of each color, trim, and design element choice.
What about CV resonates with your personal aesthetic? I love the theme for each season: whether it's an old French film, or a part of France that Clare was inspired by. These resonate with me because I am also in apparel design and things such as travel and cultural moments inspire my creativity.
How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is definitely classic but with quirky and sometimes trendy touches, ie: mom jeans or a skinny suede choker paired with a Clare V. clutch.
Do you think there's anything location-specific about your style? The lifestyle in Vancouver is very active, laid-back, and very casual. Comfort is key to and from yoga and to the office.
Are there any new trends you've noticed that you're excited to adapt? I've been loving the miniature handbags and the bandana neck scarf - and combining them together too, tie that neck scarf around your CV handbag strap and you have a fun addition to your handbag!
How do you wear your CV day to day? I love wearing CV clutches with more casual outfits as it makes the outfit a little bit more elevated and prepares me for any occasion! Recently, I've been wearing my Inès bag everyday as it's such a classic easy to wear style!
What look are you excited to wear this Spring? I'm so excited to wear my Gosee clutch this Spring! I tend to accumulate a lot of accessories that are Black, so having a navy Gosee clutch will be fun to style!
What's your favorite CV style for Spring? I instantly fell in love with the Inès bag, it's such a great everyday handbag - and it holds quite a bit of things which I love!
Tell us more about the shots you included: Recently I've tried to hoard less by carrying less in my handbag so I've tried to only carry essentials. My everyday handbag essentials include: tinted lip balm, a bold lipstick color, wallet, keys, iPhone, hand creme, packet of gum (not shown), and water bottle.
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