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Clare V. for One Kings Lane

Just in time for the unofficial start of Summer, we're so excited to launch our Designer Towel Series with One Kings Lane. Clare caught up with OKL to talk about the inspiration behind the designs, what she brings to the beach, and her favorite Summer cocktail. Clare_V_Poolside_0029 What inspired the collection? “The beach towels came from our current spring/summer collection of handbags, which is inspired by my family travels to France every summer. For example, 'le grand départ' is what they say every summer in France when basically all the cities, like Paris, empty out, and everyone goes to the countryside. “Then there’s one that says 'Cervezafría,' which is taken from a building near my house in Echo Park in Los Angeles. That was a hand-painted sign that I always loved. I was so happy to reuse the graphic.” Clare_V_Poolside_0020 Clare_V_Poolside_0076 Ingredients 1 cup citrus juice (such as grapefruit, blood orange, or tangerine), strained 1 cup Lillet Blanc 1.5 cups of prosecco Citrus rounds, for garnish Directions Combine the first three ingredients in a large pitcher filled halfway with ice. Stir. Garnish with citrus rounds. Serve over ice. Top with a dash of prosecco for extra punch. Clare_V_Poolside_0077 One of the most refreshing Summer cocktails - and perfect poolside sip. Clare's wearing the Steven Alan x Clare V. New Classic Shirtdress, our collab Garrett Leight sunglasses in Sable, and red veg leather Flat Sandal. Clare_V_Poolside_0079 What’s always in Clare’s beach bag? “A hat or a bandanna, because I’m constantly needing to cover my head, and Garrett Leight sunglasses.” She designed her own portable backgammon set and chic playing cards because they’re “great for a day at the pool or the beach, which is the best type of summer day.”" Clare_V_Poolside_0080-2 Shop the collection of towels here.
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