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A Convo in Cobble Hill

It was an incredible opportunity to be in New York, to visit our Cobble Hill shop, for an intimate panel with a few of our favorites.
Together with Laura Wasser of It's Over Easy, and Jodie Patterson, activist and author of the new book, The Bold World, Clare joined in on a conversation that discussed female entrepreneurship, social justice empowerment, and the delicate balance of integrating activism in your business model.
We had a wonderful group of locals and Manhattanites who came out on the snowy Friday morning to hear from the speakers, who all discussed how they've navigated taking a stance in their personal lives, and what that means for their business profiles as well.
For more information on Laura Wasser, learn more about her endeavor, It's Over Easy, aiming to make divorce more accessible to everyone.
To read more about Jodie's journey, order her book here.
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