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Admiring Girls of a Certain Age with Kim France

Ever since her days at the helm of Lucky, Kim France has been one of our favorite NY ladies. Impossibly stylish, relatable and real, she epitomizes the CV woman. We addictively read her blog, Girls of a Certain Age, and love her candid take on style, culture and everything we need to know right now. We're thrilled to be teaming up for a shopping event at our Nolita store next Thursday and caught up with her to talk aging, blogging, and her favorites for Fall.

Why did you first start your blog, Girls of a Certain Age?
I started my blog because I didn't see a whole lot of style blogs out there addressing the interests of women who were in their 40s and older, and I felt like there was room for another voice. You don't suddenly age out of wanting to look cool or stylish, but your priorities and aesthetics do change, and I wanted Girls of a Certain Age to reflect that.
How do you think your past experience gave you the right experience to do so?
Running a shopping magazine for over a decade definitely sharpened my eye, but more than that, it showed me how one great piece can have transformative power—it can change your outfit, or it can change your mood. I'm all about the quest for that one great piece.
How do you think that Girls of a Certain Age speaks differently than other blogs?
It is hugely important to me that the reader feels like she's talking to somebody who is on her level—a friend or a peer, not some authority who thinks she knows better. Style and fashion should be fun, and all too often the tone is exclusionary and superior: I want the reader to feel like she's made a friend. 
Why do you think Clare V. resonates with Girls of a Certain Age?
Well I can tell you why it resonates with me, and that is because the designs are so classic and intuitive, no-nonsense and pared down to just the essentials. The absence of superfluous hardware and zippers is key! And the colors and fabrications are always spot-on. Plus—and this is big—I love that there are (almost) no logos to be found.
What are your favorite CV products for Fall? 
I love the Grande Henri oversized pouch bag—it's such a clever design, and holds so, so much. And the Maude, which is 70s without feeling too self-consciously retro. Also, the cotton velvet patchwork flat grid clutch—the mustard yellow and grey are just too good.
What are you most looking forward to wearing this Fall?
I'm a big Zero Maria Cornejo freak, so really anything from her. I just got a new pair of cropped R13 boy jeans I'm pretty excited about too, and a black wool boucle Isabel Marant overcoat. Plus, whatever new CV bag I'll inevitably add to my pile! 
Why did you decide to partner with CV on a shopping event?
I think the aesthetic is incredibly on point, and the vibe at any CV store I've ever walked into has been happy, positive, and cool. 
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