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All Aglow With How You Glow's Tara & Jessie

We first met Tara Sowlaty & Jessie De Lowe of How You Glow when they interviewed Clare for their site and we've been addicted ever since. They've become influencers in the health and wellness field, creating incredible content and innovative collaborations along the way—just one of the many reasons they're an incredible addition as CV Ambassadors this season. We talked to the girls to hear more about why they started their site, what keeps them glowing (in L.A. and beyond) and what we can expect next.

Why did you initially start How You Glow?

Tara: Jessie and I were introduced by our mutual friends the Arlook sisters. Jessie taught me yoga and I cooked a meal for her, and the rest was history. We started How You Glow because we wanted to create a wellness destination where we could reach and inspire others. We wanted to learn from other people who we found personally inspiring, as well as share our individual expertise in wellness—I’m a natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist, and Jessie is a yoga teacher and art therapist.

Jessie: We started How You Glow because Tara and I both wanted to create a space that people could come to feel good. We initially wanted to open a center where people could come take workshops, eat delicious food, engage in wellness activities and feel better simply by being there. We decided to open a “digital space” that would provide that same function, but reach more people and give us flexibility to cover more ground.  

What has been the best experience you've had so far with the site?

T: There have been so many incredible experiences through How You Glow, but I think the retreat we hosted in Bali might take the cake. It was such a magical and transformative experience not only to be in Bali, but to also be leading a group of amazing women in such a spiritual setting.

J: I would have to say our Glow Retreat in Bali exceeded my wildest expectations. It was the most incredible manifestation of what I dreamt could be possible. It has also been amazing to work with brands I’ve always admired on large-scale projects, like Bon Appetit and Beyond Yoga.  

What do you hope to achieve with the site that you may not have achieved thus far?

T: There’s so much more glow to discover, which is so inspiring. The site evolves with our lives and grows with us. I would love to see it evolve into more tangible products that add goodness into people’s daily lives. 

J: We haven’t ventured into product yet and I think that would be a natural progression. We spend so much time reviewing and obsessing over other brands’ products, so it would be amazing to use what we’ve learned to create something that’s really special. We have a bunch of ideas, it’s just about finding the time and bandwidth to execute them!  

How has being in LA helped facilitate building out the site?

T: L.A. is the perfect place for How You Glow’s home base. It’s my hometown, so I feel like we have everything at my fingertips here—my family, nature, amazing shops, the best food (healthy and indulgent), friends, and more—that have all been super integral to building out the site.

J: L.A. has entirely shaped the way How You Glow has grown. This city is so magical and endless—there is so much to discover, and new things are popping up every day, it really never gets old. L.A. feels like the center of health and wellness, where people come to trend forecast and learn about new discoveries. It’s amazing to be in the heart of such a forward-thinking city, and to be amongst such incredible, talented, creative people who are excited to collaborate. 

Why was Clare V. such a great fit for both of you and the How You Glow brand?

T: Clare V. is the perfect #glowgirl shop. Clare makes basics done to perfection, as well as customizable pieces, and unique one-offs. There’s really something for every type of girl. Everything is chic yet comfortable and wearable, which totally embodies the How You Glow brand. Our first one-off collaboration was our Clare V. "GLOW Clutch," which sold out almost immediately on our site!

J: Clare V. is such a classic L.A. brand, infused with Parisian chic. We love to support local designers, especially because we get to spend time getting to know them. Clare is such a sweetheart with impeccable style. I love how timeless Clare V. bags are—there is really something in the shop for everyone, and nothing is too flashy yet there is still a huge element of playfulness. Also, anything you can monogram is very glowy in our book

Does your individual style differ and if so, how? Do you gravitate toward different CV bags?

T: Weirdly enough, we gravitate toward similar styles! We both wanted the same bags :) At the end of the day, we really do like similar things, which is why and how we started HYG to begin with. What is nice though is that no matter what, we wear the pieces differently and in our own unique ways.

J: Tara and I often end up picking out a lot of the same stuff! It’s funny and semi-embarrassing when we sometimes show up to an event wearing different versions of the same exact outfit! #Glowgirlproblems. That said, even if we have similar pieces, we typically end up styling them differently and have different color preferences so we can get away with it :) 

What are your favorite picks for Fall and how are you wearing them?

T: I’m obsessed with my Petit Alistairs! I have them in both navy and green, and I can’t get enough of them. During the day I usually wear them with the shoulder strap for more of a casual look. At night, I take off the shoulder straps for a tighter and chicer look. People constantly stop me and ask where my bag’s from :)

J: I’m really into the new scalloped Ines and Luce in the gorgeous blue color. And, I just got married and can’t wait to monogram everything with my new last name and initials!! 

(all photos courtesy Taste The Style)

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