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Arting With Donald Robertson

We're so excited to be working with one of our favorites, Donald Robertson, again on a very special collaboration. After a very successful project last year for Bergdorf Goodman, we've teamed up to create custom Drawbertson x Clare V. totes and more with proceeds benefitting P.S. Arts! We spoke to Donald before the event this Thursday, to talk career, craft and all things creativity.

(photo: Lori Stern)

Q: Describe your background and how you began as an artist?

A: I am from the suburbs of Canada. My story is my parents had no clue about art, my schools never had art classes. Did not matter one bit. I made art out of anything!!!! When I did finally land in Art college, they asked me to leave after a year. I hated starving and knew we could sell all the life drawings lying around on the floor so I suggested we open a gallery shop. Not something fine artists worry about! That's how it all ended/started.  

Q: How did you begin collaborating with fashion brands and why does working with designers/fashion brands make so much sense for you?

A: I love anyone who makes things and sticks their name on it. It's so basic and wonderful. I naturally gravitate to these types. It's usually a  person more than a big brand. LETS MAKE STUFF AND SELL IT ( now you understand why I got the boot from starving artist school).

Q: What's been your favorite piece/project to date?

A: 100% the Clare V. bag I painted for Beyoncé and that she did her photo shoot with. Google it!  Bless her. ALSO my first campaign I ever did as a creative director was MAC VIVA GLAM. The first of its kind because of very brave founders and very smart consumers.  Hundreds of Millions raised in the fight against AIDS. 

Q: What drew you to Clare V. and to work with her initially on that Bergdorf customization project?

A: Linda Fargo had given me carte blanche to mess with Bergdorfs. I art bombed the entire place both sides of the street and all the windows - it was epic. Linda said we need to make some moolah while we do this. "Donald make merch!" was music to my ears.  It was kind of an arranged marriage with Clare and I.  I got a box of her bags and went to town.  It was great.  Cut to a year later and now I'm living in LA and my daughter is working at Clare V. part time while she's in college.

Q: Why do you think CV And Drawbertson are a good fit to continue to work and collaborate together?

A: I like her stuff, she likes my stuff! Plus astrologically we must click.  

Q: You continue to tell your stories through social media, how has your engagement and fan base grown over time?

A: Mine doesn't grow so fast because I post too much. People mostly unfollow me.  I'm really just archiving everything for my kids. Which is why I blow off snapchat. I want my five kids to see how great they had it growing up. Oh and it helps me sell ART.  

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