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Brunching with CV & Gjusta

Perfect for a picnic, seaside stroll, or day at the park, Clare and Shelley Kleyn of Gjusta conceived of a collab in the spirit of their new Venice marketplace. Reimagining some of our favorite designs from seasons past, this collection revisits our Liberez Les Sardines print, along with some other essential items, both sold on their shelves and worn by their charming staff.

One of our favorite Spring prints, Liberez Les Sardines is back, this time on a canvas striped Flat Clutch with easy-to-use wristlet attached.

Gjusta's delectable treats, as served by CV-attired staff.

Our Netty, a favorite from last Summer, was dyed in Gjusta's favorite colors, the perfect way to tote your Farmer's Market haul, day-at-the-beach belongings, and more.

The Denim Tote, a favorite in the studio, is the quintessential carryall, that every market-goer, Westside and beyond, needs.

Tea in hand, Liberez Les Sardines on heart, the collab is everything we dreamed of with one of our favorite Westside destinations. Shop - and visit us - in the market!

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