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By Hand

You may have peeped it on insta, but we're thrilled to formally launch our new hand-painting program. A playful riff on our signature monogramming, these initials are bolder, more colorful, and feature a striking drop shadow.

Because the response has been so positive, we're thrilled to now offer hand-painting as the ultimate in customization.

A few goodies for some extra special friends, after each monogram was applied by hand.

Marianna Hewitt had her Lavender Suede Suki hand-painted with her mono for travels abroad. 

And even our iPhone cases with Casetify got the hand-painting treatment.

#CVAmbassador Tara Sowlaty brought her hand-painted Fabienne (with her new initials!) with her on a little spa retreat.

And a few more finished products ready to head out the door. Email us to get your CV personalized today!

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