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Celebrating 7 Years of Glitter Guide

We've long been fans of Glitter Guide and their Creative Director, Taylor Sterling, who has been a longtime CV fan and avid visitor of our Hayes Valley shop. So when the ladies of GG asked us to host their 7th birthday celebration, we were thrilled to fête the founders and their fans at the store.

Taylor in her new Blush Petit Alistair, documenting the evening.

A few pre-party snaps with Sophie James of Sophie James Wine, who provided all the rose and Taylor.

The prettiest blooms by our new faves at Marigold SF.

Some of the pretty attendees.

Always in a CV circle bag.

Emily Scott in a pretty patio area, fit for a San Fran Summer.

A set up with Angie, Sophie James, and Jewelry Pouch.

Our in-store monogrammer, hard at work.

Just a few of the GG team.

Some of the prettiest wares from Harlowe & Grey, alongside treats from Le Marais.

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