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Clare V. for Anthropologie

We're so excited to announce our latest collaboration, a special project with Anthropologie. A longtime friend of CV, the partnership gave Clare the opportunity to have her hand at home design, including furniture and tabletop.

Clare V. x Anthropologie Beach Umbrella and Beach Chairs

Inspired by Clare's summer travels  Île de Ré, France, with her family, the Clare V. for Anthropologie collection includes more than 30 styles. The sweet mix features our signature bright, bold colors, and hand-drawn, signature graphic prints. 

Clare V. x Anthropologie Pink with Red Lips Dessert Plate with Matching Mug

Only available in select Anthropologie stores and, the curated assortment features everything from Maisonette Dessert Plates and Mugs (in sunny hues with French motifs) to Siesta Beach Sling Chair and matching umbrella for seaside escapes to eclectic apparel and accessories, including a sweet Sabine Headband.

Clare V. x Anthropologie Three Scented Candles

"My trips there each summer with my family are a constant source of inspiration, scouring the flea markets, riding my bike along the shore, and stumbling upon old architecture with the turn of every corner,” Clare said of what inspired by the partnership and designs.

Clare V. x Anthropologie Paper Like Lunch Bag

Because we spend a lot of time at the beach in Île de Ré, we wanted to include the beach towels, chairs, and umbrellas.

Clare V. x Anthropologie White with Black Eyes Tumbler

The dishes are inspired by classic French porcelain with the gold rim, but we added our own cheeky element of the French designs to make them modern and not stuffy.

Clare V. x Anthropologie Notebook With One Letter Initials

Clare V. x Anthropologie Sieste Wallet Clutch with Leather Scrunchie Coming Out

Clare V. x Anthropologie Leather Headbands

Clare V. x Anthropologie J'Aime La Vie White Sweatshirt

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Photos courtesy of Anthropologie

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